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Gwrych castle photograph courtesy of Pam Owen


Homebuyer Survey & Valuation

The Homebuyer Survey & Valuation is prepared by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and is designed to provide a prospective purchaser with basic information in a standardised format. The report will include details of the general condition and form of construction, any significant factors which might influence or affect value, provide you with a Market Valuation and a Valuation for insurance purposes.

Valuation Reports

We offer clients a comprehensive range of Valuation and Survey services having fully qualified Chartered Surveyors with in-depth knowledge of the individual type of property and businesses which are unique to their geographical area. Our Valuation Services cover a full range of property types, including:

  • Residential - All residential property types including houses, flats, apartments, including Registered Social Landlords.
  • Commercial - All main property types including Offices, Retail Units, Industrial Land and Buildings, and other non-specific property categories.
  • Valuations for probate, matrimonial, tax and estate planning, Section 119 Charity Act, Qualified Surveyors Reports etc.

All our Valuers are registered with the RICS Valuers Registration Scheme.